Our Process

  • Time Line trial
  • wedding day

Book your hair and make up trial session 6-8 months prior your wedding

After your trial is booked start to find images of how you want to envision hair and makeup to look l - best place to look is Pinterest or Instagram

On your schedule Trial date Please come with clean dried hair, no makeup. If you have your veil or any hair accessories please bring them to your appointment. Be prepared to spend anywhere from one and half to 2 and half hours creating what your envisioning for you wedding day look.

While your having your trial hair and makeup done, with the artist ,now would be a good time to discuss what your wedding party is all about, What your needs are for wedding day morning, timing, day before hair prep, how many girls MOB MOG flower girls etc… who will be needing services, if you not sure, you have time to now to get a head count, schedule appointments for color cuts etc… Skin care-daily habits to prepare for flawless skin on wedding day. Will I need extensions ? Depends on the look, and your hair.

What to do if I change my mind about my wedding look ,no problem please contact me for a second trial Typically at this point you know if you can work with this artist

Create a schedule for the morning of the Big Day! Each service has a designated time slot that can be interchanged if necessary, One of the benefits of having an on location business come, is that we do this all year, we work as a team to prepare each service in its designated time slot in an professional timely manner that proves to be very effective, theirs no running to a salon were the person doing the hair might be behind or unfamiliar with a special occasion look !