Wayne Bridal Hair and Makeup

It’s the city that barely sleeps. Wayne, New Jersey is known for its nightlife and lively vibe. If you’re getting married in or near Wayne, shouldn’t your hair go along with the mood?

Bridal Hair and Makeup with an Urban Feel

One of the liveliest cities in New Jersey, Wayne is host to some of the most elaborate and hip weddings in the area. Last year’s styles just won’t do here. For your wedding day, you’re going to want the kind of elegant hair and style that goes with your life and fashion sense.

On your big day, you could leave your hair and makeup in the hands of a close family friend who may or may not be skilled in the type of look you want to be produced, or you could go big and hire a specialist who knows the latest trends and will satisfy your desires with pure excellence.

Perfect Wedding Hair and Makeup Come from Practice

Kathleen Benjamin has been Wayne area brides’ secret for getting the kind of gorgeous wedding day look that people talk about for months afterward. Nailing down the perfect look for you begins with a trial run.

Bring your ideas, your Pinterest board, and your bridesmaids and come for an appointment. We’ll work out exactly what style works best for you, and we’ll know we’ve found the winner when you get “that” look on your face as you see it for the first time.

Gorgeous Hair and Makeup on Your Wedding Day

From the moment you wake up until the time when you and your new husband drive away from your reception, you want your hair and makeup to look perfect. That’s nearly impossible for most hairstyles and cosmetics. They droop, melt, fall down, and leave you feeling self-conscious at the worst possible time.

That just won’t happen to you. Not if you call on the expert services of Kathleen Benjamin. Kathleen and her assistants will join you at your venue well ahead of time to make sure everyone – you and your bridal party – look perfectly beautiful for the day ahead. You won’t just look gorgeous, you’ll also feel relaxed and totally pampered in the process.

We believe hair should not fall down, and wedding makeup should not smudge, crease, or fade. Making that happen takes a level of skill and expertise that takes years to perfect… and the best products and tools in the business.

Kathleen will apply professional quality makeup, using an airbrush to get an absolutely flawless finish. You can kiss, dance, and hug all you want – you’ll still look just as gorgeous at the end of the day as you did at the start.

The same goes for your hair. After all, how awful would it feel to have your up-do fall down right at the end of your wedding dance? Who wants to have to worry about that? Or to duck into the bathroom constantly to make sure every strand is where it should be? Forget that – instead make sure you get an on-site stylist who’ll give you a style that won’t quit.

The best next step you can take as you plan your Wayne wedding is to schedule a trial run with Kathleen Benjamin. Bring your ideas, and we’ll have a great time making your dream look a reality.

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